“Everyone has thoughts, ideas, or visions to do something that impacts the world. Until those concepts are put into action, what good are they? How will one actually accomplish these goals unless it is acted upon?”  – Sharon Pelusio

For Sharon, that idea was solidified when she took part in a Medical Missions trip to Pune, India in January 2019. Sharon experienced firsthand the devastating effects of poverty, and the systemic nature of generational hopelessness endured by hundreds of thousands of people in Pune alone. They are without hope. Lacking many of the resources we take for granted here at home. Basic human needs like clothing, food, and shelter are difficult to come by. There is no education for many people. Human trafficking is common.

Medical treatment and healthcare exist only for the wealthy. Basic medicines and hygienic products are not available to much of the population. Sharon’s heart broke for these people and she knew this was where she must affect change.

Sharon knew she could only do so much as one person so she launched the Mantis Foundation to help spread the word and ask for others to be involved.

A year later Sharon was burdened by Sex trafficking and the Opioid addiction crisis here in the United States.  These additional efforts were added to the Mantis Foundation line-up of support to drive change in these areas.

We believe there are many people who would love to have an opportunity to “give back” if they just knew how or where to give.

Are you one of those people?


How it all began:

In January of 2019 I visited Pune, India with a medical mission team. There, we provided a free medical camp to over 1500 poor people from local communities.  There were so many issues affecting the people of Pune that really broke my heart.  Diabetes, High Blood pressure, malnourishment and dental issues, and hearing loss are prevalent.  We were able to provide triage medical examinations, pharmaceutical medications, a visit with a doctor, and health education.  It was an amazing experience.  The saddest part is that we could only do so much in a 2 week time frame.  My vision is to provide medical treatment for the poorest communities year round.

I travelled around and saw the slums; home to so many people living below the poverty level.  They have little to no food or clothing and some are living on the streets. They have nothing. No hope, no education, no medical care, and no future.  This is devastating to witness while we are living so comfortably in the United States with Television, Cars, plenty of food, healthcare, and all sorts of entertainment.  We can provide change to this area with your help. Let’s create change.

In Pune there is a home for young girls who are rescued from sex trafficking and other unsafe living situations associated with poverty.  It is such a beautiful thing to provide housing, clothing, food, education, and love to these girls.  My vision is to expand this project to house 2000 girls as there are so many more that are not yet rescued and given hope. Together we can make a difference and change lives.  Please support the Mantis Foundation today.

There are so many issues facing communities in India as well as right here in the United States.  Human Trafficking and the ongoing Opioid addiction crisis are areas where we bring hope for change.


Sharon L. Pelusio – Founder and President.

Providing Buckets of Hope

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