Urgent Need for Help

April 2021

Covid 19 Relief in India

We received the following request for help as Coronavirus devastates India:



"Indian people are being punished by death and the Indian Government is unable to control this situation and help infected people.The gravity of infection of this deadly coronavirus is so great that people are dying without any help. The number of positive cases and number of quarantine patients is so big that the Government cannot take care of them.  Government and private hospitals cannot supply oxygen to serious patients and patients are dying without oxygen and without ventilators and without medicine."



The Mantis Foundation has created a fund for Covid 19 Relief in Pune, India.  Please help this dire emergency as we provide Hope to the people of India.

What are we doing?
1. We are working with Medical companies to provide Covid 19 Rapid tests to the poor.
2. We are providing Medical Equipment. (Oxygen Concentrators and Pulse Oximeters)
3. We are supplying Vitamins and Health Education to promote a healthy immune system for the poor and reduce severity of the illness.
4. We are building a mobile medical unit to travel to remote villages to help those who've never seen a doctor.








The Covid situation is even worse than reported.  

April 23, 2021

Pune is on a complete lockdown.  The Government gave everyone 24 hours to stock up on food, but the banks and ATMs are out of cash. Credit cards are not accepted in many places and where they are the price of everything is 3 times as high.

The Government vaccine is sold on the black market for up to $1000.00 a shot, but most people don't trust it. Some Government vaccine centers have fraudulently administered shots with water.  People think they have received a vaccine and are ending up in the hospital. 

There are no ventilators, no oxygen tanks, no therapeutics available.  The government's only answer is total lockdown to control the virus. People are scared.  Hopelessness is more contagious currently than the virus. 

We would like to use the free medical clinic to do rapid Covid testing and have asked the government and the distributors in Pune if they can purchase the vaccine at NGO cost and give it for free to the people. 

Mass cremation of victims who died due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19), is seen at a crematorium ground in New Delhi, India

April 2021.

How is  the Mantis Foundation providing Buckets of Hope?

In May of 2021 we were able to send $15,000 to support the Covid19 response and help those in need in and around Pune.

From our partners in India:

"We have received $15,000 for the use of  relief work in Pune and around this city.  This fund will be used to meet the immediate need of coronavirus positive patients.  To supply food, beds, and medicine.  We are taking care of serious patients at their home, and in shelters to provide relief from suffering.  There is a family at Daund near Pune where all 8 members in the family became infected and became very sick, even struggling with death.  We hired a good nurse and she took care of them.  Now they are all out of danger, recovering, and will live normal lives in 15 days time.  We do not have a place or  hall to put beds so our new Doctor goes house to house and gives treatment to serious patients.  This is a great help to suffering patients and their families."




We need funding for this critical project.

Please consider a financial gift today.


To learn more about supporting the Mantis Foundation, get in touch by phone at 833-2-MANTIS (833) 262-6847 X3 or write to us in complete confidence through our website’s secured contact page.

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