Situation in Pune


"Here in Pune, Indian people are still plagued with Covid-19 and the latest Omicron variant.  

The Mantis Foundation has created a fund for Medical Relief in Pune, India.  

What are we doing?
1. Caring for those suffering and can't get medical care.
2. Feeding those who are suffering starvation during lockdown.
3. Send the Doctor in! A travelling doctor to visit patients at home and treat them for Covid 19, and other ailments.
4. We are building a mobile medical unit to travel to remote villages to help those who've never seen a doctor.


How is  the Mantis Foundation providing Buckets of Hope?

In May of 2021 The Mantis Foundation sent $15,000 to support the Covid19 response and help those in need in and around Pune.  In July 2021, another $10,000 was sent for these projects.
From our HOPE affiliates in India...
"We have received generous contributions for relief work in Pune and around this city.  This funds are being used to meet the immediate need of medical issues among the poor.  To supply food, beds, and medicine.  We are taking care of serious patients at their home, and in shelters to provide relief from suffering.  We do not have a place or hall to put beds so our new Doctor goes house to house and gives treatment to serious patients."

Please consider a financial gift today.

We can't do this without your generous help.

To learn more about supporting the Mantis Foundation, get in touch by phone at 833-2-MANTIS (833) 262-6847 X3 or write to us in complete confidence through our website’s secured contact page.

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