The Mantis Foundation has a vision to provide funding for the following projects working with our network of local and international partners.

Our projects make a difference in the lives of so many.  Our vision is clear and we can’t do it without your help.  Join us today!

Providing Buckets of  Hope



Opioid Addiction Crisis

Do you know someone affected by the Opioid addiction crisis?  Do you have a friend or relative who is an addict? Do you know someone who is dealing with this issue in their life?  More than 200 people in the United States alone die every day from drug overdose.  Over 2 million people every year visit the emergency room nationwide due to drug abuse and over 5000 every single day.  Over 23 million people have illicit drug addiction or alcohol abuse problems in this country and only about 11.5% of them get the help they need.  The Mantis Foundation helps more people every day to get help.  


Stop Human Trafficking

Trafficking involves transporting someone into a situation of exploitation.  Globally there are between 20 and 40 million people in modern slavery today and so many more that we don't even know about. It's estimated that internationally, only about .04% survivors of human trafficking cases are discovered and most are never identified.  Global profits exceed $150 billion/year.  Many enslaved people are women and girls, but men and boys are not exempt and account for almost 30%.  Over half the trafficking cases are children.  Many of whom come from the foster care system.  The Mantis Foundation provides education and resources to help reduce this problem through awareness.


Feeding the Hungry

During the  Covid 19 Pandemic, other countries, especially in 3rd world developing areas are locked down.  In these countries, being locked down and unable to work means there is no provision for families.  They don't  have unemployment benefits or social services, EBT, or welfare benefits.  They simply have no money to eat.  This is  a tragedy in our world and those of us who have resources can help reduce starvation by contributing our dollars to these areas to purchase and deliver food.


Rescue Girls


Girls rescued from extreme poverty, sex trafficking, abuse, and other unsafe living conditions come to the girls home in Pune, India and receive love, food, clothing, education, and care. Currently there are about 35 girls living in the girls home and there are so many more that need our help. 





Mobile Medical Unit

If we can only reach the people where they are.  There are many remote villages around the city of Pune where people are living in extreme poverty with no access to healthcare.  Please support the Mobile Medical Unit as we seek to provide basic medical services to these people.  This project requires the purchase of a large van capable of carrying medical supplies and staffing required to provide medical treatment to rural villages. This Mobile Medical Unit visits up to 3 villages daily and can get to all 60 rural villages each month. This provides much needed assistance for medical needs to those who otherwise may have never been able to see a doctor.


Please join us today!

Providing Buckets of  Hope

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