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Help the Medical Response in India

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Direct Medical Access

For much of  the population in India, there is no access to healthcare.  It's not free, and the poverty rate is so high.  Nearly 60% of the population lives on less than $3/day.  If you can't afford to see a doctor, you just can't get the care you need.  You have to pay to go to the hospital, or even get a check-up.  Now that Covid 19 has become rampant in the country, there is no where to turn.  Only people who can afford it can get treatment for Coronavirus and the supplies of oxygen, ventilators, and other health care items are running out.  There are grave shortages of supplies during this extreme emergency.  The Mantis Foundation is helping to care for those affected by Covid 19 and providing care.    Read More

Feed the hungry

Since India is on total Lockdown again due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are not able to work. It's not like the general population had stored up a bunch of cash, or food either.  They live day to day as it was, just getting by. Now there is no way to earn money, therefore no way to get food.  People are literally starving to death, and this will continue unless we help this dire situation.

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Rescue Children

Systemic poverty leads to all sorts of dire living conditions that we in the USA don't think much about.  If you are a young girl in India, the culture doesn't recognize  your value.  If you are poor, it's even worse.  You may be disregarded completely. The Mantis Foundation provides funding to rescue young girls from human trafficking and other unsafe living conditions related to poverty.  There is now a waiting list of over 150 girls who need help at our home.  We need to purchase land and build a larger facility to accommodate them.  This is a pressing project in need of immediate attention.

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College Fund

There are many young girls in India that desire to go to college.  Like all of us, they have dreams of a future.  Maybe they want to become a nurse, an engineer, a computer programmer, or a doctor.  In poverty, there is no hope of this kind of education.  Most girls will have to become a day laborer or get married just to survive.  Many will remain in poverty and it will continue for generations as it has.  The Mantis Foundation has set up a college fund to send young girls in India to college.  We are making a difference and changing the direction of entire families.

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Buckets of Hope!

We believe there are many people who would love to have an opportunity to “give back” if they just knew how or where to give. Are you one of those people?

“Everyone has thoughts, ideas, or visions to do something that impacts the world. Until those concepts are put into action, what good are they? How will one actually accomplish these goals unless it is acted upon?”  – Sharon Pelusio - Founder, The Mantis Foundation.


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